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Types of Yoga Mat

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Yoga Mat Benefits

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Practise your Yoga in Comfort on a Quality Mat 

They are many styles of yoga - but no matter which one you practise, you're going to need a good quality mat to get the best out of your yoga sessions.

Whether your yoga style of choice is Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram, Anusara, Iyengar, Kripalu, Jivamukti or Hot Yoga - you need to invest in a mat that will provide the support, traction, stickiness, comfort and safety you require. It's the same with all the other forms of yoga practised in the UK and elsewhere. 

Mats are the foundation of yoga practice - much like a house, a low quality foundation will result in an unstable structure, and in this case the structure is you!

Therefore it makes sense to buy the best quality mat you can afford - a cheap and poor quality mat can lead to instability during a work-out, which could result in increased muscle strain and additional joint stress. 

A good high quality mat is capable of delivering all the benefits of yoga including better flexibility, strength, improved mind-body connection and even weight loss for some people.

Many mats are made of PVC and are a popular choice as they are often quite cheap and have a good reputation for having excellent grip and durability. 

There's a growing number of yoga practitioners, however, who are steering clear of PVC (Poly-Vinyl Chloride) mats because they contain undesirable toxic chemicals and are not bio-degradable. Instead they opt for eco-friendly mats which are made from plant-based material and are free of PVC. 


A cheap and basic PVC mat will cost around £7.50 to £15 but you can expect to pay considerably more for a better quality deluxe mat made from eco-friendly material.

Years ago the choice of mats was very limited and most of them were quite flimsy and bland looking, in just a few colours. Nowadays they've become much more stylish and come in a variety of thicknesses, colours, designs and intricate patterns.


Yoga mats are available to buy in a range of different materials including PVC, eco-friendly rubber, jute, natural hemp, cork, bamboo and cotton. The range of mats available to buy can be mind-boggling - Bikram mats, Hatha mats, pre-natal yoga mats, pilates mats, tantric yoga mats and Raja mats ... to name just a few. Even in the area of eco-friendly yoga mats, there are numerous types available - for example, Manduka eKO and PROlite mats,Jade mats and prAna mats. 

Naturally we can't tell you about all the yoga mats out there for sale - but we can point you in the right direction of some of the most popular types which have gained an excellent reputation for being comfortable, durable and safe to use.

You'll find plenty of information, tips and advice here to help you choose a yoga mat that will provide you with ample stability and help you maintain your balance. Your mat must also be slip-free to enable you to practise complicated poses safely.

A few decades ago yoga was considered by many people to be little more than a form of eccentric exercise, practised by the few - but times have changed and the art is now an accepted lifestyle and a holistic form of living for many people, complete with highly beneficial exercise and relaxation routines. Attending yoga sessions now comes with a lot of benefits and allows you to build relationships with other yoga practitioners.

Yoga is a wonderful way to develop your mind and body but you will only get the best out of practising yoga if you have the right mat and other props to allow you to feel comfortable and confident throughout your learning sessions.

When someone is practising yoga, they are trying to better themselves as a whole - both physically and mentally. A key objective is to improve flexibility and concentration and this requires having a mat you can rely on to let you practise your yoga in complete confidence. In addition to its physical benefits, yoga is considered by many to be an incredible stress reducer.

If you end up using the wrong type of mat, it is uncomfortable, or it slips or bunches up, you will not be able to get to that place of concentration you are aiming for. 

A 'Sticky' Non-Slip Yoga Mat is Crucial for a Safe and Invigorating Work-Out

Yoga is a great form of exercise for toning your muscles, boosting your flexibility, easing your mind and washing away the stress of the day.

It’s little wonder that so many people are gravitating toward yoga. It’s a low-impact exercise that not only boosts flexibility, but also builds strength and relaxes the mind. It’s the perfect form of exercise in today's busy world when many of us lead hectic and stressful lives.

Sometimes the challenges of life can put us under considerable pressure and stress - and that's where yoga can play a part in helping us to relax, slow down a bit and gather our composure.

A yoga floor mat is central to the whole yoga experience, so it's definitely worth taking the time to find a mat that will serve you well, whether you are taking yoga classes at a local health club or simply practising at home, maybe with the help of a few yoga DVDs or books.

When you first start taking yoga classes, you'll probably be surprised at how relaxing, yet still intense, a work out yoga can be. Yoga can quickly become a passion. 

People choose to get into yoga for a host of reasons. Most people are motivated by the physical benefits yoga can deliver and also the spiritual. Yoga is a pursuit that calms the mind and spirit, while it stretches and enhances the body. Combining meditation and exercise, yoga is practised by people all over the world.

In addition to its physical benefits, yoga is considered by many to be an incredible stress reducer. Getting started is fairly easy - all you really need is a decent yoga mat, a top and some yoga pants of even tracksuit bottoms. Later, if you decide to continue with yoga sessions, you can consider buying a few props and accessories and better quality yoga clothing. 

It's crucial to buy a mat or rug that won't slip while you are carrying out your yoga poses. It's also important to keep your mat clean - spray wash or wipes are a good idea to keep a mat fresh and germ-free.

Beginners should start out slowly and listen carefully to the yoga instructor's guidance - this will allow you to practise this healthy and relaxing physical activity safely. 

A yoga mat is very important for helping you facilitate the movements involved in this art which can be traced back more than 5,000 years. A specialised cushioned mat will make it easier to sustain positions and hold proper posture.

There's no lack of advantages to be gained from buying a good quality yoga mat. Here's just a few of the obvious benefits.  

  • A comfortable surface to practise on
  • A safe and slip-free practice area 
  • Lightweight but still very durable
  • A mat helps muscles retain warmth
  • Provides excellent traction for poses
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain

You should look for a mat with a dense, yet lightweight texture so it will be easy to roll up and carry around in a yoga bag or tied with a simple strap.

You should also try to choose a mat which ticks all the boxes when it comes to the perfect combination of thickness, stickiness and support. Manduka mats, for example, have a great reputation for meeting these requirements and are a very popular choice in yoga clubs throughout the UK.

Choosing a good yoga mat will ensure your workout will be pleasurable and rewarding - it's no fun trying to spend time on a mat that's uncomfortable and doesn't support your body properly.


If you are committed to protecting the environment, then the material a mat is made of will be very important to you. You are unlikely to be interested in buying a PVC mat which will not be biodegradable when you eventually get rid of it. This type of mat will be cheaper than most eco-friendly mats, but many people are perfectly happy to pay extra for a mat that's made from natural materials. 

A yoga mat really is an essential accessory for anyone who takes their yoga seriously - it's the only thing that will allow your feet, hands, and elbows to remain where they should be without slippage. Using anything else, other than a yoga rug, will merely pose a risk of you hurting yourself. These mats also provide a warm insulation and clean surface between the practitioner and the floor. 

Beginners often to choose to buy a yoga kit to help them get off to a good start - a kit will include a mat, alignment markers, a posture strap and an instructional DVD.

Alignment markers help beginners, and even advanced yoga practitioners, maintain proper stances. This is an excellent way to learn to master the right positioning for your poses.

A posture strap is a simple device which helps beginners hold their positions more easily. While it is not totally necessary, a strap included in a yoga mat kit can make getting started a bit simpler.

Top quality yoga mats - made from synthetic or natural materials - are sold by many major UK online stores these days including Gym Company, John Lewis, Tesco Direct, Sweatband, Argos, eBay, Fitness Superstore, Physioroom, JD Sports, Sports Direct and Gym World Ltd. We feature a large range of mats and accessories for shopping giant Amazon.

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