Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats & Clothing

The stereotypes about yoga enthusiasts are often true - many yogis and yoginis are extremely health conscious, dedicated to spiritual development and committed to caring for and protecting the environment. 

One way that yoga practitioners like to express their desire to protect the Earth is by using eco-friendly mats and wearing eco-friendly clothing during their work outs.

There are many mats available to buy these days which are made from environmentally-friendly materials including hemp, jute, cork, bamboo, natural rubber and organic cotton.

Cotton yoga mats are particularly popular and more and more yoga students have taken to using one in recent years.

With an eco-friendly organic cotton you get flexibility from the mat as well as durability. Eco-friendly yoga mats are usually capable of staying fixed in one spot, which is essential when you are practicing certain yoga positions. 

A big advantage of using an organic cotton mats is that they are excellent at absorbing during exercise and also any uncovered skin that comes into contact with the mat not be irritated by constant friction - this is not the case with some yoga mats made from synthetic materials which contain non eco-friendly chemicals.

A popular choice of cotton mat is manufactured by Hugger Mugger. This company also sells eco-friendly jute and natural rubber mats.

The Hugger Mugger cotton mat is stuffed with 8 lbs of natural untreated cotton that’s wrapped in an unbleached natural cotton shell, effectively making it one of the thickest yoga mats on the market today.

This brand of mat is actually very health-friendly, not only because no harmful materials are used in its manufacture, but also because it does not retain any allergens that can wreak havoc to your health. 

The Hugger Mugger comes in many different colours and is available in various styles including linen, pearl floral and French chateau. They come with a handy shoulder strap for easy carrying, plus attached ties for easy roll up and storage.

Another excellent choice when it comes to eco-friendly products is the Manduka yoga mat which really stands out when it comes to its features and functions. The Manduka mat is made out of natural biodegradable rubber that is farmed and not sourced from wild forests.

Many yoga enthusiasts also like to buy yoga pants, tops and other items of clothing which are made from natural, eco-friendly materials.

There are plenty yoga garments which are produced by companies that are cruelty free and respect human rights, providing fair trade and other great benefits.

Some of the most popular environmentally-friendly yoga clothes are made of organic cotton which is harvested on smaller farms, and in ways that are not harmful to the eco system around them. Cotton yoga clothing is soft, comfortable, easy to clean, and affordable. In some cases, it is cheaper than the cotton-poly blends you will usually find with other brands.

Another great material for yoga clothing is hemp which is often wrongly regarded as being rough and hard - it is, in fact, much softer than even cotton, and very durable. If you are prone getting tears and holes in your yoga tops or pants, you might want to consider buying a garment made of hemp.

Bamboo yoga garments, especially tops, have become very popular in recent years. Having a feeling similar to silk, it is very cheap to manufacture, long-lasting, and easy to harvest without the use of pesticides.