Using a Yoga Mat Safely

As with any other form of physical exercise, yoga has the potential to be dangerous if you are practising alone with insufficient knowledge of the art and have a poor quality mat and accessories. 

Here are a few safety tips for anyone who is just starting to learn and practice yoga. Of course, a prime consideration is to ensure you purchase a good quality mat that will enable you to practise safely and comfortably.

  • If you are joining a class you should ensure you are getting involved with a properly qualified instructor. Most established yoga clubs in local health clubs and gyms operate with fully qualified teachers and instructors.

  • Always dress in clothing that is comfortable and suitable for yoga practice - stretchable clothing that isn't too baggy is usually ideal for most people

  • When practising on your yoga mat, always follow you instincts about how far to push yourself and listen to your body. This will reduce the risk of over-extending yourself, which could result in injury. You should be fully aware of how your body feels and always avoid overstretching or straining. Refrain from attempting poses that make you feel uncomfortable.

  • If you ever experience any numbness in your feet or hands you should end your session and consult a doctor.


  • You must always remember that yoga isn’t a competition - some people are inclined to compare themselves others in their yoga class. You should really avoid doing this as it was prove a distraction and may even make you feel depressed or inadequate.

  • If you notice that your yoga mat is starting to lose its stickiness or starting to slip occasionally, you should take steps to replace it as soon as possible. A completely stable mats is critical to carry out posed safety and confidently.

  • It is essential to carry out a few warm-up exercises before you start a yoga session. This will loosen up your muscles and alert your body that you are about to go into a deeper workout phase.

  • Don’t start practising yoga on your mat on an empty or over-full stomach as this may result in you feeling bloated, light-headed or queasy during a session.

  • Wipe your yoga mat after every session to keep it free of sweat, dirt and bacteria. Having a pack of yoga wipes handy is a good idea.