Yoga Pants and Tops

Anyone who takes their yoga seriously will probably want to wear a good quality pair of yoga pants to allow them to practise the art in comfort and style.

Yoga pants are made of flexible, form-fitting and breathable materials that are perfect for the various bending, stretching and other movements involved in yoga.

We feature an impressive range of short, knee-length and full-length yoga and fitness workout pants and leggings in a variety of colours, materials and styles. We also have some lovely yoga tops and sports bras for your routines at home or at your local health club.


There is no special clothing required to participate in yoga classes, as opposed to karate classes, swimming or aerobics - the secret is to wear something that is comfortable and doesn't restrict your movement in any way.

When you first take up yoga, a pair of sports shorts or track suits bottom are usually good enough to get you through your first few sessions. However, it probably won't be long before you decide you need some proper yoga pants and a comfortable yoga top as you start to take your sessions more seriously.

Yoga pants vary in shape, size and function, however they usually fall into two basic categories - very loose and form-fitting. Form-fitting pants should not be as restrictive as tight jeans, but should be elastic and hug the body to ensure a full range of movement. Lycra and spandex pants breathe well and allow you to move your legs freely. 

Loose-fitting yoga pants are another option for those not comfortable with form-fitting yoga gear. Loose yoga pants such as sweats or karate pants are perfectly acceptable, but they should not be so loose that they entangle limbs or fall on to your face during certain positions. They should be just loose enough to allow for a full range of motion and have sufficient ventilation. 

The most popular materials for yoga pants are organic cotton, spandex, lycra and light-knit wool. Stretch cotton is particularly appealing as it is very soft and comfortable, and prevents the risk of chafing.

It's essential to buy pants that are made from a good quality material which durable and won't wear out quickly. Yoga involves plenty of floor exercises that will often require you to be on your knees - with this in mind, you should choose a reputable product, made from a fabric which will withstand plenty of wear and multiple washings as well.

Choosing yoga pants is often a less demanding challenge for men - and many are quite happy to wear loose-fitting martial arts or drawstring pants. Women, however, often like to choose something a bit more refined and stylish looking - as well as being practical and comfortable.

Women and girls with a curvy shape will need to select a pair of yoga pants or leggings that will settle correctly on the hips, and won’t slip down during the more complicated yoga poses.

With this in mind, a stretchy material like polyester or spandex is a great option - this material will fit close to the body, especially in the hip, abdomen, and thigh areas. They will also normally be high-waisted to avoid the risk of slippage when bending over.

If you don't like the idea of tight-fitting yoga pants or leggings and want something a little more loose, there are pants available to buy which feature a tight band at the waist or hips, but that are very loose below - this style offers a lot more room in the stomach, thighs, and legs areas. 

Some people choose not to buy yoga pants, instead opting for a standard workout outfit, similarly to that seen in many gyms and health clubs across the UK. 

This is perfectly acceptable, but the clothing has to be flexible enough to ensure you can undertake yoga poses without worrying about your clothes slipping or getting in the way of your poses. Because yoga is about breathing and relaxation, you shouldn’t wear anything that you will have to invest any time or energy into adjusting during your routine.

There are many types of yoga pants available in the market to suit everyone’s mood, shape and size. For people who have a small build, short yoga pants area a good option, while tall people might be more comfortable with full length or ankle length yoga pants. 

Most yoga instructors have a minimum dress code for their classes. If you are unsure which type of yoga pants would suit you best, it 's always a good idea to seek the opinion of your yoga teacher regarding attire.

Yoga pants are sold my many leading UK stores these days including Sports Direct, Yes Style, Missguided, eBay, John Lewis, Matalan, TMart, Tesco Direct and Universal Textiles. We feature a selection from shopping giant Amazon.

It's important to buy yoga pants that allow your body to breathe and don't restrict your movement in any way as you carry out your various yoga routines. The same applies with yoga tops and sports bras.

We feature an extensive range of stylish and practical short and long sleeve yoga tops from leading UK stores. They are available in a range of materials and sizes so you shouldn't have any trouble finding one that appeals to your taste and budget.

At the end of the day, it's all a matter of comfort and personal preference. The whole point in yoga is to become at one with yourself - therefore, being comfortable in the pants, top and other clothing you choose to wear will play a big part in helping you achieve the unity mind and body you are striving for.