Reviews of Our Top-Rated Yoga Mats

Choosing the yoga mat that's right for you can be a challenging task - there's so much to consider including material, style, stickiness, durability and comfort.

We've carried out a few comprehensive reviews of some of the most popular mats around which are big sellers in the UK and have served previous customers well when it comes to yoga activities.

We aim to highlight the key features of each mat reviewed to help you make an informed choice when trying to find the one that's best for your needs - we also provide a link to our shopping partner Amazon where you can read more about each yoga mat.

Manduka Black Mat Pro

Manduka Black Mat Pro


The Manduka Black Mat Pro is right up there with the best yoga mats on the market. This innovative mat has been a hot favourite since the nineties when it was designed by renowed yogi Peter Sterios.

Yoga teachers and masters the world over use this as their mat or choice - so you can't get much higher recognition than that.

Wrapping up comfort and durability altogether, the black mat claims to be the last yoga mat you will ever need in your practice. For this reason, it has gained the trust of many yoga enthusiasts and gets plenty of recommendations on reputable health and fitness forums.

The Manduka Black mat pro prides itself for being denser and thicker compared to the ordinary mats out there. It offers an unmatched comfort and is nonslip for superior performance. The mat also comes with its beautiful design to inspire you in your practice.

This mat, which costs around £80, comes with a lifetime guarantee so the makers clear have total faith in it. The manufacturers also ensure that this mat won't flake, peel or fade - now that's impressive.

It weighs 7lbs and measures 71 inches long by 26 inches wide. It is a quarter of an inch thick.

The Manduka Black Mat Pro is created via a process of emission-free manufacturing and is extemely comfortable to carryn out yoga poses. It offers excellent stability and is slip resistant, even when soaked in perspiration.

When it comes to finding the best and the safest mat around, the Manduka Black Mat Pro is definintely a serious contender. It's easily worthy of a five star rating.

Here's what a few previous buyers have to say about it.

'Best investment, other than time, for your practice'

'Heavy, large, amazing quality'

'Best mat I've ever owned'

'Fantastic mat - wider and longer than most'

MiraFit Yoga Mat

MiraFit  Extra Thick Floor Mat


There's no need to spend a small fortune to find a yoga mat that's perfectly acceptable for a beginner, or even intermediate, yoga enthusiast.

There are plenty of perfectly acceptable mats to be snapped up for under £20 - and the MiraFit 15mm Extra Thick Exercise Floor Mat is certainly worthy of consideration.

This mat costs around £12 and is available in Pink, black or orange. It is lightweight and rolls up easier, ready for taking along to your yoga class. It also features two handy straps for keeping it tidy when not in use.

It is also a good mat to use for pilates or fitness classes and can also double up as a mat to keep the cold at bay during a camping or hiking expedition - it acts as an excellent layer to place below a sleeping bag on the ground.

This mat is 183cm in length and 60cm wide. It weighs approximately 3kg. It is made of superior quality synthetic rubber foam.

The mat is reasonably thick so it offers plenty of cushioning when carrying out your yoga exercises.

It has enough springiness to prevent you from getting sore knees and elbows during a workout.

Obviously this mat is pretty cheap so it can't compete with a deluxe top quality mat - but for the price it's definitely worth taking a look at.

It would make a great starter mat for a beginner who doesn't want to lay out a lot of cash in the early days of practicing yoga.

Here's the views of a few previous happy customers.

'Awesome mat! Highly recommended'

'Sturdy mat - very comfortable'

'Super long, really great'

'Wonderful mat - highly recommended'

'Good for basic gym floor and yoga'

Manduka PROlite Mat

Manduka PROlite Mat


We return to the reputable name of Manduka when it comes to recommending a top quality travel yoga mat.

This is the product you’ll need if you’re always on the move and want to have a trusty mat to hand for a work-out away from home.

The Manduka 71-Inch PROlite Travel Yoga and Pilates Mat is a winner when it comes to performance, comfort, and ease of carrying. Like all Manduka mats, quality is the best feature.

The mat comprises a closed-cell surface which stops body sweat from soaking into the mat.

Costing around £60, this mat also displays longevity or durability that surpasses expectations. It is not bulky at all and delivers exceptional performance. If offers fantastic support and grip and weighs 1.8kg. It is available in a range of colours.

For those looking for a superb mat that’s easy to take around with you, look no further. This mat is extremely durable and non-slip. 3/16" thick and, despite being slightly thinner than a standard mat, is still very comfortable for practicing your poses.

The makers of this impressive mat describe it as being 'built to go everywhere and do everything, just like the people who use it.'

Here are the comments of previous buyers of this mat.

'The one and only'

'Sticky, sturdy and feels a great quality'

'Hands down a good yoga mat!'

'Lightweight but supportive yoga mat'

'Beautiful quality and well made'