Yoga Towels

A yoga towel is ideal for adding an extra layer on top of your mat - and we have an extensive range of top quality towels for you to take a look at.

Most yoga towels are made from non-slip absorbent fabric, meaning you can use on in complete confidence when practising your yoga routine. 

A cheap fitness towel will cost around £10 but you can expect to pay £20 or more for a premium ultra absorbent towel made from eco-friendly materials. Read more below about choosing a yoga towel.


Having a yoga towel on top of your mat will ensure any sweat soaks into the towel which can be easily washed - and not into your mat. A towel will help to keep your face and body sweat-free when you are exercising on your yoga mat.

It's crucial that you do not slip when carrying out your yoga poses so a towel placed on top of your mat can make things safer for your peace of mind. 

A yoga towel can be washed just like any other towel. Just pop in your washing machine after a strenuous work-out, ready for use at your next yoga session.

A non-slip microfibre towel is also handy to use as a substitute to lie on when a mat isn't available. These towels are lightweight and fold up to a very compact size, meaning they can fit easily into a yoga bag.

Many yoga towels, which are perfect for putting a hygienic layer between you and your yoga mat, are made from a combination of polyester and nylon.

A popular style of skid-less towel is the Grip Dot variety which feature hundreds of little silicon dots which be positioned to face upwards or downwards to provide extra grip. These mats usually come in a handy net carrying bag.

Some towels are adorned with subtle and inspiring patterns and images to fit in with the whole yoga ethos. They are available in many calming colours including soft shades of pink, orange, purple, blue, red, beige and yellow.

It is important to buy a towel that fits the exact size of your yoga mat. This will ensure you can still see the boundaries and you don’t over-extend your reach during your yoga sessions

Don't be tempted to use a beach towel or standard bathroom towel for you yoga session - these are just not suitable and could actually pose a risk where slippage is concerned.

A proper yoga towel will remained fixed in place no matter how complex the yoga poses you are undertaking on top of it. And it really is the best accessory to keep your own yoga mat sanitary and sweat-free.

These absorbent towels are designed to dry very quickly so you can use them repeatedly during a series of lengthy yoga sessions.

When you buy one of these towels you should wash it at least once before use it. This is because the dye in some towels will bleed unless washed first.

You should also spray the towel with activator mist before use to create a slightly sticky surface which will have excellent grip. Misting the towel in the places where you need the most grip provides a much better yoga experience.

Many people recommend air drying towels naturally after washing, rather than placing them in a tumble dryer which can be harsh on the delicate fabric.

Leading brand names for yoga and pilates towels include Yoga Design Lab, Affirmats, Manduka, Bunnies & Zen, Yoga Mad, Limber Stretch, Heathyoga, Sinoyoga and WeAreYoga.