Yoga Mats under £15

There are some excellent yoga mats in this price range which are capable of providing the non-slip surface and stability you need during your work-outs.

If you are happy to use a durable PVC or polyester mat then there are several cheap products for under £15 - most of them are lightweight, durable, washable and ideal for your floor exercises and yoga poses.

The 'sticky' mats in this affordable price range are excellent for beginners and are available in a range of colours including red, green, black, white, blue, purple, pink and grey.

If you are keen to buy an eco-friendly cotton or natural rubber mat, you will probably be best checking out of our DELUXE YOGA MAT range.


The mats in this price range are ideal for beginners who don't want to spend big bucks before they can establish whether or not they are likely to take up yoga seriously.

There's no point spending your hard-earned cash on a luxury mat and various props and accessories until you have practiced yoga for several weeks and decided to keep up your work-outs.

It sounds obvious, but make sure you buy a mat that is large enough for you - the standard size for yoga mats is around 6 feet, so if you are taller than this, make sure you get a mat that fits you. You don’t want your head or feet hanging off the end of your mat!

This principle also applies to the width of a mat. You must be able to lie comfortably on a mat with a few inches either side of you for poses that take up more room. The standard width of a yoga mat is around 28 Inches.

Many leading UK stores sell cheap yoga mats these days including, Tesco Direct, John Lewis, QD Stores, Sports Direct, Fitness Superstore and Argos. We feature some great deals from Amazon UK.

The mats in this price range are probably best suited to beginners and intermediate yogis - a veteran will probably need a thicker mat for taking on complex poses. 

Some of these mats are SGS approved, and free of any latex or metals, for peace of mind. A few of them even come with a money back guarantee which will allow you to return the mat if you are not happy with it.

You should bear in mind that cheap yoga mats are generally much thinner and provide less padding than more expensive deluxe mats. They will usually be comfortable enough to lie on if you are practicing at home with your mat laid out on top of a carpet. However, they may offer only limited cushioning for your elbows and knees if you are working out on a hard floor at your local gym or health club.

A yoga mat is an investment which will benefit you every time you practice your routines, so don’t be afraid to spend a few extra pounds to get something that's right for your needs.