Yoga Mats - £15 to £25

Most people should be able to find something that meets their needs in this mid-price range of yoga mats - there are plenty of top quality mats for beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga lovers.

There are some excellent mats here which provide plenty of grip and cushioning for different poses and exercises. Leading brands names include Lotus Design, Reebok, Gaiam, Tunturi, Warrior and Yogamatters.

There are some standard synthetic PVC mats but also plenty of non-toxic eco-friendly rubber and cotton alternatives for yoga enthusiasts who are committed to protecting the environment. Read more below about the mats in this price range.


It's important to choose a mat that can be relied on to offer superb support and stickiness to avoid slipping during your work outs. There are plenty of mats in this affordable price range which help maintain correct body alignment and enable you to practice your poses safely and comfortably.

They are available in various thicknesses and a wide range of colours including blue, black, white, red, blue, green, pink, grey, orange, purple and yellow.

Eco-friendly mats have obvious appeal for many yoga students who like to know their mat is biodegradable and won't have a negative impact on our planet when it's becomes worn out through use.

Many of these mats are very impressive when it comes to generous cushioning so you won't encounter any aches and pains in your knees and elbows after a demanding yoga session. A cushioned yoga mat will also make it easier to sustain positions and hold proper posture.

For a more customised mat, many manufacturers are now producing mats that have a rubber underside with a fabric weave on the top surface - this ensures a tight grip to the floor, and a comfortable non-slip surface under the foot. 

There are many types of yoga including Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Bikram, Kripalu and Iyengar yoga - but the trusty yoga mat is common to all of them.

For the basics, many people opt to practice Hatha yoga - however, for a more modern, gym-style approach, others are drawn to power yoga. Above all, it's important to find a style that you feel comfortable with. All yoga types will be beneficial on many different levels. 

Deciding which type of yoga mat to buy is a matter of personal preference, although some are more suitable for beginners and others are better suited to advanced students. 

When you buy a mat you'll need to use it regularly to break it in - the more you use a new mat, the better it will be. Some yoga enthusiasts, however, like to speed things up a bit by using coarse sea salt and a little water to break in natural rubber mats and certain other mats made from organic materials.

People choose to get into yoga for a host of reasons. Most people are motivated by the physical benefits yoga can deliver and also the spiritual. Yoga is a pursuit that calms the soul while it stretches and enhances the body. Combining meditation and exercise, yoga has been practiced by people all over the world for centuries.

You will need to buy a yoga mat whether you choose to practice yoga at home with the aid of a few instruction DVDs and books, or by joining a yoga club. In both scenarios a mat will be essential to allow you to practice on a soft and comfortable surface, and also on a surface that is slip-free and poses no risk to your personal safety.